Adfluencer came into the business scene during the early 2018. It’s founder Max Wellner, has a very simple and clear vision. He wanted to make this Germany’s number one influencer marketing agency into connecting brands and its partners with the social media in a very effective way.  He wanted to ensure that the brand reaches it target audience. 

He was aware of the business trends and market fluctuations and knew that influencer marketing is one of the most effective ways of connecting to the target audience at a personal level.  He himself was actively involved in the social media platform for many years and have gathered ample experience on the fact how deeply the Gen Z is influenced by its role models.  

Infact, he says that, in the influencing market trends he himself has been a strong role model for many in Germany. And Gen Z is the most effective group that has the capacity to build and re-build any brands and elevate it into reaching a level which is unimaginable. He says, influencing marketing has immense potential and scope for growth in this present business trend.

Areas of operation


Adfluncer being a full-service agency, is very much capable in not only handling but also providing solutions with regards to a very broad spectrum of business channels. It has efficient solutions in social media management and consulting, into influencer marketing leading to the creation of a brand and its identity.  

Having said that, it is also clear to them that their strategy is simple but an effective one. And due to this reason, their only focus is upon the German-speaking countries for conducting their operations on influencer campaigns.

Platforms of influence

They are very keen on using the most popular and major social networking sites of this time which are uses by the Gen Z mostly. Social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok are the ones that they depend on using for their clients to capture maximum number of views in a marginally short time.  

Strategy on placing the client’s brand

Adfluencer are a very handy choice when it comes to offering a guide and tutorial to influencers. They are well aware that apart form a very few big advertising agencies, television commercials on the whole are leaving no impact on the Generation Z about any particular brand or product. So, influencer marketing is the best and the ultimate choice into conquering the customers. 

Clients or brands can register with them and shall be able to book themselves for campaigns. Even if they wish they shall be able to open their own stores for merchandise that too for free with Adfluncers. These merchandise stores are a very popular option with its target audience. Irrespective of the fact, whether it is a micro or a macro level of influencer marketing, Adfluencer are always in association with the top level of influences in Germany, which is sure to bring a huge impact on the brands or the clients they are working for.

Their way of work is not only simple but also fast and uncomplicated so that they can leave the correct impact on the target audience and surely achieve the goal to elevating the brand of the client. And due to this approach of theirs, they work seamlessly along with local and small companies and also with global players belonging to a bigger market arena such as Wikia Inc., Huawei and Fandom.

Why choose Adfluencer?


Irrespective of you being an aspiring star of Facebook or a popular Youtuber or an effective individual on twitter, in Adfluencer you shall be provided with all the essentials that are very effective in making you and your brand visible and be heard of amongst the target audience. If it makes you think that what exactly you shall be getting here, then it is important to keep you informed that after you register with Adfluencer and create an account in it, you shall be getting complete access to many articles which are very beneficial and helpful for you.

You shall be provided with important and essential tutorials too that you shall be able to use to your advantage into giving your career a boost.

Apart from these Adfluencer shall provide you the support to being easily having the access to new connections of making your brand grow and getting introduced to partners and brands. You shall also be able to offer sponsored links, sponsored contents, product placement and shoutouts very easily and quickly and which in return shall bring quicker response too from your target group. Only by a few clicks you shall be involved and also be able to reap the benefits from your next engagement to influencer marketing