The concept of cosplayhero has for long been known as something silly by the older generation. But with time this cosplay theme of dressing has evolved and now this dressing has become a part of every occasion and every reasons. The concept of cosplay shops has emerged from here that caters to the needs of cosplay costumes be for film and animation cosplay or the Halloween or some other need for disguise such as the theme parties and more.

CosplayHero is Germany’s number one premium quality merchandise store which is loved by its customers. It a one stop shop for all kinds of costumes from Halloween to any other disguises. They guarantee that their premium costumes are bound to make the best photos over Instagram. The shop promises to deliver quality products of costumes from its wide range of collection which is suited for various occasions. It also says that this shop is sure to take away the hassles of its customers from running from one store to another in order to find what they need.

It supports you into being the hero you want to be. It believes in providing the best section and so they try to maintain a huge range even to the extent of keeping it in alphabetical order such as Assassin’s Creed Cosplays in the letter A to Zelda Cosplays in Z.


Each specific categories of cosplays are available here:

The inflatable costumes section

Be it to serve the requirements of latest trend like a dinosaur, unicorns or Pikachu costumes for children and adults to serve the purpose of carnivals it is available here in this inflatable costume section.

The wings and horns section

Angel or dragon wings that is sure to look impressive at any party is found here in the wings and horns section.

The elf ears and makeup section

Here in this section not only the fairy’s or the elf’s ears are found but a whole range of body paints and effects are available too. So, you know if you want it, visit the elf ears and makeup section.

The cosplay shoes and gloves section

 A perfect cosplay can never be complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Find it here in the shoes and glove section.

Animation section

Herin the animation cosplay section various cosplay costumes are available belonging Japanese manga series called Naruto.

Headgear section

There are cosplay costumes and outfits available for every occasion. Amongst them are various ranges of caps, hats and headgears in varying colors available to suit the mood of every occasion. And all these stylish range of headgears are sure to bring about a change in your appearance.

Designer games section

It is evident from now that cosplay shop caters to the different needs of its customers and clients and ensures that it has something to offer for various requirements. It shall provide you inspiration about a new character that you may find very interesting to play with through its films and games section.

Section that holds replicas like in movies

If you are charmedby the various costumes that you see in fantasy or superhero movies then you shall surely able to get some here that shall make you happy.

Cosplay Marketplace

If you are looking forward to selling your old custom-made props or even if you are interested into offer your services of a wig stylist to any other cosplayer, then this is surely the spot for you to be in.

In addition to that if you are looking for a photographer, or models for cosplay, any even for trades and fairs you can surely form associates from here. This cosplay marketplace operates somewhat like eBay but everything related to cosplayers. This is a place of providing service as one cosplayer to another.

The showcase of cosplayers

If you happen to be a cosplayer and are very keen to sharing your pictures to the community all across the world, you can certainly do so by posting your photograph on Instagram and adding hashtag to this cosplay site. It shall make you feature on their website.


The new items section

Here in this section, you shall be able to discover everything that is popular and are about the latest trends. You shall be able to purchase any item from this section here.

The blog

Here you shall find articles about many of its products. You shall be able to read and educate about them and perhaps find it helpful too into assisting you to buy what you require.

Costumes for your pets

Here in cosplayhero, they have a dedicated section where an amazing range of adorable costumes could be found for your pets on Halloween or any other occasion. These have been made with care and are sure of not to cause any discomfort to your loved pets.