Dunkelwolf shop deals in selling authentic leather armor for LARP and steampunk fashion clothing. The customers love visiting here as they have a huge range of fantasy clothing to choose from. The shop brings the era of renaissance to the doorstep. It is a great way of going past boredom and becoming creative with the LARP range of clothing which has been designed as any favorite movie character or video game too.

This shop offers authentic top-of-the-line fantasy clothing to make you live your wild dreams.  You shall even be able to choose your favorite individual pieces of clothing which you like and customize them into your own version of Vikings, knights and a common man belonging to the renaissance period.

Steampunk fashion

The evolution of steampunk fashion revolves around greatly to the concept of imagination and fantasy. It combines the fashion of the Victorian era and the industrial revolution of 1800s. It involves designs on the basis of it and so makes it very unique in this era. A lot of care has been taken behind the selection of the fabric and then designed engraving it by the fashion of steampunk.

The basis of dress

Upon hearing the word steampunk, we immediately imagine black outfits, black hair and black accessories. But here the steampunk fashion has been divided into four categories in the styles of clothing that has some association to the Victorian classes.

The trends of the modern world


Presently the fashion of steampunk is known to be a category which tends to combines the aesthetics of the past in blend with a definite form of imaginative disguise. In fact, in 2010, this fashion has created a niche for itself in the high-end market.  Since 2015 onwards, it has been able to successfully influence more of the mainstream trends of fashion and have been attracting more designers towards it.

Medieval fashion trends

Here this shop offers clothes that are every unique to this era. It is very famous armor having its shiny exterior and made out of exquisite material is sure to grab the attention of everyone. There are also capes, historical jackets and monk’s cowls which are very special and is sure to fascinate the buyers. Dunkelwolf takes immense pride in such exquisite goods they have in offer to their customers. It also gives the customers their personal take on the look of the medieval period.


Authentic leather armor

There are customers who prefers to LARP exactly like their favorite characters belonging from the medieval era just like the knights and imitates their style of clothing.  The customers find it extremely satisfying slipping into these fantasy clothing belonging from the medieval era. It is always a welcoming change amidst a stressful life.

Here at Dunkelwolf you shall have all your wishes fulfilled. They are always bringing for you the best set of medieval clothing with no compromise in quality. It saves your time on search, at this shop. They also provide you the best leather armor that can be found in the market. They offer leather hand-crafted boots too having strong metal buckles and adjustable straps made out of steel. The quality of these boots is good and lasts long.

The set of arm guards made out of black faux leather making it feel almost real are there too, to complete your look. The breastplate has been created out of lightweight steel and are designed as per your body. This shop never fails to impress.

Gothic trends

The style of gothic clothing carries a very particular set of features that sets it apart from the other styles of clothing. Here in this shop, they have taken inspiration from the Victorian and Elizabethan mourning styled of clothing to create its own range of gothic style. It comes in dark black that is the special thing of this genre. It also has also a mixture of dark color velvets, high heels and gloves with silver jewellery with religious symbolism. Representation of images that signifies evil are also a part of this culture and dressing.

Premium hoods

Here in this shop, they sell hoods like the medieval times, keeping the shape authentic to that era. The cowl too is a very popular item that the customers love to buy.

The hoods that they make are as much authentic possible and although new fashion and type of clothing has emerged in this world yet the hoods never fail to impress. It has been designed in such a manner that it could be folded over the face and display the contrasting lining it has. These hoods can also prevent the harsh climate from disturbing the face to the head. The design is timeless and the customers still like it very much these days too.