Facegear is a very known name that sells fashion and cosplay items. People loves to shop here as they get to choose from a huge collection of helmets, respirators and masks. Here they are a team of passionate artisans who creates some of the best quality costumes and props whose inspiration they take from cinema and comics belonging to various countries of the world. They try to establish the various cultures around the world expressing them through their props and costumes.  

Although they find figures very easy to make yet they make sure to observe it as closely as possible and understand its detailing and maintain a very high level of quality while making them. They are very observant about paying attention to the smallest details as well and puts in the best of their efforts and abilities into making it as much real it is possible.


Each of the costumes that you shall be able to find here has surely been updated having the latest look that has been going around in the market. They make sure to follow the exact process of making them, building it right from the very basic level.  First, they begin by designing the masks or the helmets right from the scratch, re-creating even the smallest detail and once done, finally painting the entire thing into making it look like real. This is where their expertise lies in. They take immense pride into their craft and also in the fact that eventually they are always successful in making their customers happy. 

Their primary goal in here is always into helping people who wants to be and even of that means only for a few hours.  They love to transform the people into a super hero through their costumes which the people chooses and they make sure that the people too may look great wearing the costumes.

What to expect from this shop

If you happened to be searching for a cosplay that looks real and lifelike or respirators, fashion masks or helmets then this is certainly the right place for you to be in.  This premium online shop puts on offer plenty of quality products to choose from. They have a huge selection on offer which is hard to resist.  They hold a reputation of a customer base that consists of many enthusiasts from all across the world who buys their products. So, they always ensure that the high quality of standards is met and there remains no scope for post-sales disappointment.

Cosplay has been popular all across the world for quite some time now and so, in order to meet the growing demands and to hold their reputation, they make sure to put on offer the exact costumes the customers need

The assurance of quality

After you try their products for once, you shall surely be able to experience quality and comfort that shall never let you feel agitated even if you are to wear the costume an entire day. The masks have been carefully made so that it fits on the face of yours exactly. All you have to ensure is to get the right fit for your head or face. They guarantee that no part of the product shall feel or stick out of place. Their products are quite known for providing comfort to the customers. This is why they have been able to build a loyal customer base and their products been used for various events.

The cosplay they offer


The costumes from their shop could be easily combined with the perfect suit. They can be used for cosplay and Halloween too. Matching masks and helmets with the costume along with a little makeup are sure to give the look you wish to have. 

Their selection on offer

The best part into shopping with them is that they have all the choices of costumes that you might probably imagine of. They believe in being the place where you shall surely get the costume you require. They to live up to the customer expectations too.

Helmets, masks and respirators

No matter if you are going to a theme party or anywhere else, they have a huge range of products that shall surely suit your occasion. The costumes shall surely keep you comfortable no matter how the weather or the season is. Some costumes are even resistant to weather and shall last longer than they are required by you. 

Their team at your service

After choosing a product, simply click and add it to the shopping cart. Once the shopping is complete, check the tab for shipping and details on billing. Once you make the payment, they start the process of delivery. And within a few days the product is sure to reach your doorstep through convenient and reliable mode of delivery.