Harayuku follows the essence of free dressing where its customers get to experiment beyond what traditional dressing has to offer. This premium fashion shop revolves around the fashion and trends for the fans of Kawaii, Cosplay and K-pop fans. More to that it also happens to be one of the most well-known and popular fashion spots in the city. Harajuku happens to be the hub of the younger generation who gathers especially on Sundays in support if an unique concept of avant-garde styles of fashion.

The place also beams with many street markets and music groups who performs live and also the soloists.  Harajuku actually is the name in which the Harajuku station area is known by in the city of Tokyo, Japan.


Harajuku fashion emerged from the origins of the desire of dressing freely amongst the younger lot. They are not much inclined into wearing the society-based norms. They believe in mixing styles together and creating a trend. And as a result of which a colorful spectacle is seen each Sundays at the Harajuku Station in Tokyo. The main motive of this shop has been to adopt this initiative of trend and joyful ambience and bringing it over to your computer screens and mobile phones.  

The fashion

All those people who have been to Japan shall agree that Kawaii Fashion has been the trend out there more so in the hotspot Harajuku, an important district in the metropolis Tokyo. There can also be found small boutiques along with J Fashion stores that focus on creating Kawaii trends of fashion. To stroll across the small winding streets is special. To bring this trend of fashion in Germany, is the reason why the name Harayuku has been given to this store thar deals in the fashion trends based in kawaii, cosplay and the fashion of Japan.

The trends in Japanese fashion


In this trend of fashion there are various subdivisions in its style belonging to Lolita.

Japanese punk

Japanese punk draws its inspiration form the punk movement in the 70s. Everything about this nature of fashion belongs from a rebellious nature and from the tone of dissent.   


Kodona Style has been adapted from boys in Victorian dress.   

Visual kei

Visual Kei style of fashion is more of an androgynous nature being flashy like that of post-punk era and glam rock and kabuki theater. 


The decora style believes more in adding playful jewellery.

All these styles bear their associations with coseplay wherein the stops you shall find most of the trends belonging to either streetwear or fashion meant for kpop and Japan fans. You shall be able to turn into Instagram influencer with this trend of fashion

Present fashion trends from Tokyo



Ganguro fashion replicates somewhat like the California girl. 

Cosplay Shop

Cosplay Shop tends to dress up their models in different characters be it western, animated or more than thar.


Wamono Is all about combining the traditional Japanese with Western fashion.     

Kawaii store

Kawaii store emphasizes on the youth Japanese trends of fashion. It prefers colors more like pastel or pink having loose clothing, bows, tuffles and more. 

Fashion meant for the fans of anime and Japan

Walking along the style of Harajuku fashion, it is more depended on cleverly combining the individuality which is achieved as its end result. And so, you shall be able to find plenty of great options in Kawaii Shop. These trends can be wonderfully mixed and combined allowing you to creating the style of yours and display your creativity.

If you happen to be a true cosplayer and are more hooked into the trends and fashion style belonging to the Kpop, Kawaii or Japan style then you shall not agree to do without certain elements in your daily living. But this is certain that these trends should surely be socially acceptable and won’t look like disguise.

This is why the store offers a lot of premium fashion belonging to the options of kawaii fashion from Harayuku to its fans. It shall allow you the freedom of being in the comfort of your own style moreover in a much elegant and subtle manner. Here, the makers believes that fashion is more to do with fun and expressing through the real way, making experiments and learning from its outcome. 

For affiliations and partnerships

Their affiliation programs shall be recommending their products and upon every purchase that you make, you shall get 10% through the affiliate link. 

Offers for men

The offers for men are jackets, t-shirts and hoodies are available.

Offers for women

The offers for women are dresses, skirts, jackets and hoodies are available.

Offers for children

The offers for children are hoodies and t-shirts are available.