Kiguki is a premium online fashion shop that sells a big selection of kigurumis, jumpsuits and cosplays in one-piece all through and also the ones which are made out of animals. The origin of Kigurumis has its roots from the Far East. In Japanese the word ‘Kiru’ means to carry and ‘Nuigurumi’ refers to plush toy so, these types of clothes literally mean are plush toys to wear.

Although this trend had originally started in Japan but now here in Germany, these cute one-piece suits has made a signature of itself the reason being, these beautiful kigurumis has a lot to offer. Kigurumis are for every season be it, spring, summer, autumn or winter.


The Kiguki premium shop

If you happen to search for the original kigurumi or even the ones which are made from animals, then this online shop is the perfect place for you to be.It is assured that once you have tried on yourself wearing a kigurumi made out of a fluffy animal, or even an overall-animal ones, you shall love it very much and this shall surely become your preferred choice of clothing. Here in this shop, you shall be able to discover some of the best animal made kigurumis on offer. These are the premium ones as it has been taken extra care while extracting it off the animals.

As they are incredibly comfortable so most of the buyers use the kigurumi which are funny ones, to wear as house suits when they are at home.  Kigurumis are made completely out of fleece and so, apart from its soft texture keeping you comfortable, it also keeps you warm and cozy. The funny hoods of Kigurumis makes it a perfect costume and provides warmth as well. Amongst the animal made ones, you shall be able to find a lot of variations in them, in this shop. They also keep pajamas and jumpsuits, both for men and women.

Kigurumis for cosplay

If you purchase kigurumis from this shop, be sure to know that you have got the thing having a genuine quality. These are purposely cut and made wide so that it enables you to wear street clothes underneath. It makes you all being wrapped up in warmth and looks great on you as well. Including the hood, kigurumis are a costume in itself having one piece throughout. After wearing it, all you require is to put on a perfect pair of shoes that goes well with it and may be apply a little bit of make-up and that’s it.

Pajamas on winter

In addition to the suits, you shall be able to find pajamas here on this online shop as well which are the best choice when you are sitting in the comfort of your home. The pajamas are cozy and warm making them a perfect wear for the cold nights in winter or even while camping.

Kigurumis and onesies

Onesies are just fabulous and are available for every type of requirements be it a party or leisure at home, as an elegant one-piece attire. These clothes are very flexible and versatile allowing you to teaming it up with your favorite accessories. Kigurumis are very popular in Kawaii and around the k-pop scene. This trend of Japan has now been accepted and adopted across the world.

Fancy Kigurumi

Motifs and mythical creatures are always a popular choice amongst the crowd. And this makes the different kigurumis based on such themes, a high in demand and popular as well. Apart from serving the purpose of occasion to wear, the pure fabric out of fleece, is sure to keep you completely warm.

Coseplays and costumes

It is not a surprise any longer that how admirable are kigurumis in cosplay. They are also very trendy at the same time. The advantage is that when you wear them, you do not require anything more.


Merchandise of k-pop

K-pop is a perfect fit to the Asian trend of music, fashion and business. Many groups have been adopting this kawaii style of fashion and are setting an all-new wave and cheer around. The k-pop merchandise is very popular amongst a certain age group.

Here in this online store, everyone is sure to get what they like from a huge and exclusive set. A thing to pay attention to while buying is that, although kigurumis and other costumes can be very easily washed in the machine and taken care of, at home but one must be a little careful too. You must avoid washing these costumes too often removing the small spots locally. The good thing about the fabric which has been extracted out of a fleece is that it does not absorb other substances too easily and well either.  Thus, this quality of the fabric makes it easy to clean.