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Things that belong to cosplay


Cosplay is not about the costume alone. When a person puts over a costume, he lives that character. It is much deeper than the literal meaning of the word that you may come across in a dictionary. This term was first created during the 1980 when a journalist from Japan, Nobuyuki Takahashi came by a special movement. The movement and the culture of cosplay then spread into the USA and by 1990s it has already reached Europe. 

It is very important that not only shall a cosplayer shall wear a costume but also, he needs to represent the character and its mannerisms through his behavior, expression on the face, by the way he moves in his character and through his gestures as well. It is all about surrendering to the character and living it. This is iconic because behind an event of cosplay, the cosplayer invests a huge amount of his dedication time, some money and a minute attention to details in these costumes as well. 

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Cosplays that are inspired from games and films

The general concept of cosplays is about animations the fans of manga, comics and various other games and films cosplay. The fans try to live it through the costumes.

There are various sub-genres to cosplay, with the most popular one being the cosplay of games and the films. There are so many video games around whose immense popularity has developed a real time cult status for itself. And so, it is no surprise that there are also many cosplayers who are a specialist in this category. 

About the anime cosplays

Anime cosplays represent the different types of animated films and series in Japan. Animes touches a wide range of topics and people of all ages likes them. They are complex having many layers giving women characters important roles. They are strong heroines and are presented very attractively.

The accessories of cosplay


It is always a great fun with Cosplays and hence its popularity has been keeping on increasing day by day. The beginners have turned into passionate cosplayers. People loves to customize their favorite cosplay costumes and to upgrade the finished products with a mix and match with various creative cosplay accessories that are sold at this online this shop too. This is the reason that makes them keep a huge range of accessories in the shop and plenty of different materials for doing handicrafts as well that shall support the customers into customizing their costumes, themselves. 

The fashion of Kawaii

The concept of Kawaii fashion has got developed from the Kawaii culture in Japan which specifically highlights the carefree innocence and cuteness of childhood. It’s merchandise such as the manga comics, BTS and many such things have become immensely popular. This shop shall make you find hoodies, cutlery, baseball caps and certainly the cosplays belonging from the Kawaii culture, amongst many more things. 

To bring a complete round up to the finished costumes you can use various accessories, objects and wigs. Along with that it is important to use lavish and bright make-up, overlong artificial eyelashes with the hair tied in a pale pigtail. Wearing the dolly shoes and high knee socks, you are good to go.