9 Tips to get more Likes for more Likes on Facebook
Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world with over 1 billion registered users. So it’s no wonder that many people want to grow on Facebook to achieve different goals.
These goals could be to get his profile, promote his business or anything else. However, the fact is that anyone who wants to achieve something on Facebook will inevitably have to measure themselves against the number of likes on your Facebook page.
So how can you get many likes in such a big competition? There are many tips and tricks on how to get more likes on Facebook. Some of them will be explained in the following.
simple name
When someone searches Facebook for a page, they usually enter a hobby or something similar they are interested in. For example, someone who is interested in art might create a page with the word art or artist.
This is the best way to optimize your page for Facebook searches. This is a very good channel to find new potential fans as most users will discover Facebook pages.
A side effect of this method is that you get the same effect on Google. If your page name contains a lot of words used for Google searches, you can be sure that some future fans will also find your page through Google.
A good cover picture
If you want to be good on Facebook, you have to convince your potential fans in the first seconds of the contact that the fan should link your page. What is the first point of contact between users and your Facebook page on Facebook?
This can vary from person to person, but it is usually the cover image of the Facebook page. You should choose an appealing image for your cover image that represents your page and is intended to make your potential fans interested in your content.
If the cover picture is a photo of you, you need to make sure that the photo looks professional, not just a smartphone camera. Maintaining professionalism is very important.
Integrate Facebook into your pages
If you already use other social media platforms or have your own website, be sure to refer visitors to your other social media accounts or visitors to your own page to your Facebook page.
The best way to do this is to use a link that is clearly visible and obviously placed on your page. You can also directly tell users in your posts that they should follow your Facebook page. For example, you can tell your users that on Facebook they always get the latest information from you to get people to follow your Facebook page.
Your Facebook page must offer something
Your fans should not just see your Facebook page as a place where they are bombarded with advertisements or the like. Nobody would follow a page that only shows you ads.
That’s why you have to make sure that you have a good mix of ads and other posts that add real value to your fans. For example, you can give your fans relevant information on topics your fans are interested in in the form of a blog you have read for example.
If you set up your Facebook page for your company, it’s always a good idea to offer your fans vouchers or give them exclusive access to little things, such as a short e-book.
Focus interactions
The best thing that can happen to you on any website is when your own fans advertise for you. Why would your fans do that?
There are many reasons for that, maybe the added value you offer your fans is so high that your fans recommend your site or someone accidentally mentions your Facebook page because they found good information there.
The most important thing to use this effect is that you interact a lot with your fans and offer them real added value. Your fans will not recommend you if they are not happy with your site.
To know what makes your fans happy it is absolutely necessary to know who your fans are. So you can direct your posts to your fans and try to reach your fans on a more personal level.
You have to be active
Nobody will follow a Facebook page that posts something once a month. You always have to stay on the ball and post something at least daily to stay relevant in this day and age. People these days are so used to being bombarded with information that it feels strange not to.
One way to always post daily is to set a good schedule. Facebook has a tool with which you can have your post on Facebook automatically posted at a time of your choice. If you make good use of this option, you can create posts for the next few weeks to a day.
Pin Post
On Facebook you can put an older post at the top of your page. This is the so-called “pin”. If you pin a post at the top, every visitor to your page will immediately see that post.
Of course your best post should be at the top. Choose the post with the most Likes and comments on your page and pin it at the top of your Facebook page. Very few Facebook users are long on a page, so it’s good to have the most relevant information at the top of your page.
Hold a contest
You probably know the many sweepstakes on the Internet where you first have to link to the Facebook page of the sweepstake provider. That’s exactly what you should do. You don’t have to offer something expensive, just something relevant for your target group.
With this method you can win a lot of fans with an investment of a few Euros, who you know will be relevant for your target group.
paid marketing
If you are not a multi million company you cannot afford to hire a Facebook marketing agency. But can you buy Facebook Marketing for less money?
Yes, you could buy Facebook Likes or comments that will have a good effect on the popularity of your site. This is a very cost efficient method if you want to invest money in your Facebook page.
You realize that you have to spend a lot of time designing a Facebook page to experience rapid growth. All these tricks can help you grow your Facebook page, you just have to use it properly.
If you want to rely on others, then you should buy yourself some likes or comments for your Facebook page.