How To Become An Instagram Star ?
Nowadays it’s not the Hollywood stars who are the role models for the new generations, but social media stars. Instagram plays the biggest role here. Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms and certainly the most used social media platform for young people. If you want to become famous nowadays, you can’t get around an Instagram account.
Every star that is still relevant today has a big presence on Instagram. People like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner make millions just from Instagram. If you have enough followers, you can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars with a single sponsored post.
But how can you open up this gold mine for yourself?
Identify your niche
The most important thing to do before opening an Instagram account is to consider in which niche you want to place yourself. So there are niches for athletes, for fashion or for finance. Every imaginable activity is a niche on Instagram that you can use to your advantage. There are even people who run an Instagram account about fishing and got rich with it.
In order to find the right niche for you, you should first think about what you are good at. Do you have special talents that can amaze other people, or are you particularly interested in a hobby that you could live out on Instagram? The most important thing is to feel comfortable in the niche you have chosen. If you have only entered a niche to earn money, it will be hard to convince your followers that you are serious.
Once you have identified your niche, don’t wait long and create your account. Focus on posts that are relevant to your niche and don’t try to post too many things that have little to do with your niche.
Follow the big accounts
The best way to learn is from those who are already successful. You should follow the Instagram accounts that have the largest presence in your niche. So you can watch the big accounts and copy their strategies.
Every Instagram account that has grown up has started small at some point. That’s why many of the big Instagram Influencers still use those old strategies they’re familiar with. If you study the posts of the big accounts long enough, you will see a pattern. If you can make use of this pattern yourself, nothing will stand in the way of your success.
There is another important reason why you should follow accounts, but this time not the big accounts, but accounts on the same level as yourself.
Many smaller accounts will follow you back if you follow them. So a chain can form that will bring you more and more followers and the only thing you have done is to follow someone back.
Another advantage of this is that followers see other Instagram accounts when you follow other accounts. This could allow new fans to join your account.
Cooperate with other Instagram accounts
Many Instagram accounts rely on working with other Instagram accounts to grow. This can happen in many different ways. The easiest way, as mentioned above, is to follow someone back who’s followed you.
Cooperation at a higher level can bring big advantages. If you want to cooperate with an Instagram account, you need to be clear about what you can offer. If you have a few hundred followers, no account with millions of followers will want to cooperate with you. You would have to focus on Instagram accounts about your size in the same niche.
Once you have found a suitable partner, there are many ways to cooperate. An easy way is that each account gives each other a so-called “shoutout”. A shoutout is when one account mentions another account in one of its posts or stories and wants its fans to follow the other account. So you can exchange followers and grow both accounts.
More complex possibilities of cooperations are for example common trips. For example, if you have a Climbing Instagram account, you could find another Instagram account operator who is also in the climbing niche and you could go climbing together. On your trip you make several stories and posts and mention the other one in these posts. This kind of cooperation brings more, as the potentially new fans learn more from your personality than from a mere shoutout.
Comment on the Posts of the Stars
The best way to get noticed on Instagram is through the already known Instagram accounts. For example, if you write a comment on a post from an Instagram account with about one million followers and get enough likes, you will see almost every one of those followers as the best comment. Imagine how far this could take you.
To do this, however, you have to be quick. In the first few minutes, thousands of comments will be left on the posts of large Instagram accounts. It’s hard to be noticed in this crowd if you’re not one of the first. But just being fast is not enough. You also have to write a clever or funny comment to get other people to liken it. Without the likes, the comment will go down in the masses and not stay on top.
The most important thing is that your comment also refers to the post. If you just comment under each post ” Great Post ” you will not get any Likes. You have to think a lot about what a good comment should look like. But you still have to be quick to be one of the first comments. This is very difficult.
Question active for Likes and comments
You probably know the posts that show a picture with, for example, two cars and ask you to liken, if you find one car better and comment on it, if you find the other better.
Such posts are cleverly designed traps to get followers to liken and comment as much as possible, to get these so-called “engagements” many account tricks come up like this.
You can also post posts relevant to your niche that follow this scheme. So you can generate a lot of likes and comments with little effort.
These comments will help you on Instagram by improving your ranking and making other users aware of you.
purchased help
Another good alternative is to buy for example Likes, comments and followers so that you don’t have to work so hard to get them.
This way you can avoid a lot of the hard work and have an immediate advantage over other Instagram accounts.