How to use LinkedIn effectively
Unlike many other social media platforms, LinkedIn is very specialized on a specific target group. LinkedIn is not about normal social media content, but about business.
LinkedIn is a network where job seekers and employers meet. On LinkedIn you can write to employees of other companies or directly to the personnel department. LinkedIn is one of the most important sites on the Internet for anyone looking for jobs in the digital sector.
You can certainly achieve a lot with LinkedIn. For example, you could get your dream job or if you are an employer, your dream employee.
How to use LinkedIn effectively and how to draw attention to yourself is discussed below.
LinkedIn profile as resume
It is very important that potential employers know exactly what they have done or how well educated they are. To make this possible, you should treat your profile like a CV.
Since the profile is the first thing your new employer sees, it is very important that you make yourself interesting for him immediately. After all, the first impression is the most important.
Your profile should show where you went to school and where you may have studied. If you have previously worked in a profession, you should of course also mention this. All other special characteristics about you should also be written in your profile. If, for example, you have completed relevant internships or have spent time abroad, you should definitely mention this.
Nowadays it is always important to mention how well you can handle computers and the knowledge you have of essential software like Excel or Microsoft Office.
Speaking foreign languages can be very advantageous and can bring very good chances in some jobs.
Check jobs regularly
You have to be on the ball when it comes to your career. Especially at LinkedIn it can happen that the most popular jobs are very quickly registered by many candidates. If the company thinks it has enough applications, it will delete the job ad.
If you are too slow and apply too late, your application may not be considered at all. You should at least check LinkedIn daily for jobs that are relevant to you.
A very convenient feature of LinkedIn is that it automatically informs you about new jobs if you have saved your previous searches. You should do this as it will save you a lot of work.
If you find a job that is suitable for you, you should apply as early as possible so that you have the best chances.
Use the “Endorsements
Endorsements means something like bailing out. If someone vouches for you it means that this person knows your skills and assures your new employer that you really have those skills.
On LinkedIn this is a new feature that is available. To get the most out of this new feature you should know all the people you’ve worked for or otherwise know about your skills.
If any of these people use LinkedIn, you should ask them for an endorsement. If your new employer sees that you have many endorsements, they will be convinced of your abilities.
This can be very helpful if you are an employer between two candidates. If one candidate has many endorsements, then the employer is more likely to choose that candidate.
You should never neglect the power that the opinion of others can have on your possible new employer. If someone very well known gives you an endorsement, then this will help all the more. Try to mobilize all the people you know.
Use left in groups
Groups on LinkedIn can be very helpful in several ways. The first very obvious way is that you can find very helpful information in these groups.
For example, if you are a marketing specialist, you could join different marketing groups to be up to date. This way you will always be up to date.
Another advantage that many people overlook is that you can write a message to anyone who is in the same group as you. This means that if you are specifically interested in a person you want to work for or who has good contacts in your desired company, you should join the same groups as that person.
If you are in the same group, you can write the person a message and try to convince them that you could become a very important part of the team. Such personal messages often have a good success rate because they show initiative.
Another nice advantage of groups is that all the people in a group see you. This means that if you are in many groups you will be seen by many more people and your chances of getting a job will increase greatly.
Show what you can do
If you have done a good job before, such as creating a great presentation or something else, you should upload it to your profile. If your future employer already looks at your profile to see what you have already done, your chances of getting a job are greatly increased.
You should not upload too much as this could overwhelm your new employer. It is best to upload 2 or 3 of your best previous work so that the potential employer sees your best side.
Be professional
As mentioned before, LinkedIn is a business network, so you should also behave appropriately on LinkedIn. You should always prepare all content on LinkedIn in a way that you would show it to your future employer.
This is usually the case. The biggest taboo on LinkedIn is spelling mistakes. If your future employer sees that you already have a lot of spelling mistakes on your profile, it will usually not be with the new job. Always read everything you publish at least twice to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes.
You should also express yourself appropriately. On LinkedIn you should avoid colloquial language and anglicisms. If someone visits your profile and it looks exactly like your Instagram profile, then you have done something wrong.
It can be said that LinkedIn is a very special website that has helped many to get their dream job. If you also want to use this site effectively you should take these tips to heart.
Always pay attention to your language and avoid spelling mistakes as much as possible. In addition, point directly to your profile all your achievements and special skills.