There are many ways is to get famous nowadays, by making videos, creating music, and even being a photographer on the internet. But there is a whole world out there open for job seekers.
Yes, you read that right. LinkedIn plays a vital role in bringing prospective employees and employers together. This is a professional platform where too much fun is considered as something to frown upon.

Millions of people end up with great jobs by utilizing the power of LinkedIn. Whether you are an employee who is thinking to switch jobs or even a career, you can simply share your credentials,
educational qualifications, and experiences, and let the recruiters or employers find you. You need to create a profile that stands out from the crowd.

LinkedIn has been underestimated by those who are avid users of other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. Currently, LinkedIn has 575 million registered members globally with a staggering amount of 260 million monthly active users. Keeping these figures in mind LinkedIn is a leading contestant in the race of social media platforms.

Steps To Boost LinkedIn Profile And Successfully Increase LinkedIn Views


Be Findable and Have An Appealing Profile:
First things first, you need to have an appealing profile to increase your LinkedIn views. In the majority of cases, you specifically target certain job roles, companies, careers, and professions. You cannot just put, ‘looking for any job in a company,” or ‘looking to work anywhere in the Finance department.” These two statements show that you are not focused and are not clear about your objective. So be specific. Make sure your profile is appealing to your prospective employers. If you are a creative artist then make sure your profile depicts such an image. Such as your LinkedIn profile picture, your LinkedIn cover picture, heading, aims, objectives, and so on. However, if you are an accountant and show irrelevant creativity, this may go against you. So be findable and have an appealing profile.


Connect Strategically With Others:
Creating meaningful relationships with people always has its perks. Once your profile is ready and up to date, now comes the time when you start sending requests to those who either belong to the same industry or work at a place where you would like to join too. In today’s world, it's all about whom do you know well. It just does not stop at sending requests to people,
but to connect with them too. You can send a quick Thank you, message to them, ask them how are they doing, and at the same time you can tell them about your aspirations of joining their
firm or organisation.


Most Important — Stay Alive On LinkedIn: A lot of users make their LinkedIn profiles with excitement and enthusiasm, but after a few weeks they lose interest. You need to stay alive on
LinkedIn. You can do so by either sharing a status or commenting on something of your interest or even leave a ‘like’ on different posts. This shows that you are an active user of LinkedIn and would be willing to go the extra mile. Recruiters keep a very close eye on such profiles. If a profile looks appealing but is not active then chances of securing that job would be very low. In this way, you can help improve your business through LinkedIn and make money.


Using LinkedIn profile to help your job/business:
In a resume or CV, one has to be very concise about their information. You should keep it very crisp and to the point. No need to get into unnecessary details.
The recruiter will lose interest and your CV will probably end up in a bin. However, you can leverage the LinkedIn profile by publishing as much information about your career as you can.
All of your paid and unpaid experiences, your degrees and diplomas, any professional short course, anything can influence your prospective employer to send you an inbox inviting you for an
interview with them.


Try Connecting Before Sending Job Application: Once you are connected strategically with those working in your dream organisation, you can ask them about the insights. If there is an opening, and you found out through the job portal, now is the time to make a smart move. Try to connect with the person who is already in that company and is a connection to your LinkedIn profile. You can snoop in and ask them about all the relevant details regarding that specific position. You can inquire about the interviews, selection procedures,
any psychometric tests, etc. You can ask them to put in a kind word for you too (this only happens if you have established close ties with your LinkedIn Contacts).