How do I get more followers at Pinterest?
Pinterest is a relatively unknown social media site, but it can still be very important. Because Pinterest has a very interesting advantage over all other platforms. The platform has a very definite target group that is rarely found elsewhere on the Internet. On Pinterest you don’t search for people but for information.
Pinterest is about so-called pins. Pins are contents that you have uploaded or that you have memorized from other Pinterest users. The platform is more like a blog than a social media platform.
This important point makes Pinterest a very interesting platform. But how can you grow on Pinterest?
The answer is followers like on any other site. Pinterest is special, but this site can’t do without followers either.
daily pinning
As already mentioned, Pinterest is not about the person, as almost all social media platforms are, but about the content. With so-called pins you can remember the contents of other users and let them appear on your profile.
You should do this on a daily basis, because you offer your followers a good added value without having created content yourself. But you must not just pin everything you find.
As on all other platforms you should think about who you want to reach on Pinterest. It doesn’t make sense to remember content about fashion when your profile is about sports.
On Pinterest it’s even more important than on other social media platforms to know who your fans are. Since Pinterest is almost only about the content you have to be careful not to pin any irrelevant information, otherwise your fans could lose interest.
Group pin boards
You can not only note pins on your own profile, but also on so-called group pin walls. These group pin boards are a good way to increase your range on Pinterest.
If you mark a pin on a group pinboard you will reach many more users than if you had marked the pin on your private pinboard.
It can also be the case on group pinboards that very large Pinterest Accounts pins are noted, which of course attracts a large number of their followers. There is a chance that these followers of other accounts will become aware of your pins and follow you.
Follow other profiles
Following other profiles has many advantages that can help you increase your range on Pinterest.
One of the most obvious advantages is that the one you followed could also follow you back. This way you would at least get a new follower. But there are other ways how following other users can help you.
If you follow other users who have similar interests to you, you might find good inspiration for content. It’s impossible to always create something completely original, so it’s fine to seek inspiration from other Pinterest users.
You can also see what users pin you to follow. You could now pin exactly the same post and still get new followers for the content you pin.
It can also happen that the person you’ve followed becomes aware of you. Maybe the person will search your content and pin some of it. Now when users see your content on the profile of the person you followed, they will be redirected to your profile.
These 4 advantages are very big if you apply the tactic to several other users. If you follow this tactic correctly you will always have content to pin and you will never run out of ideas.
Followers of other social media platforms
Also on Pinterest it can be very helpful to direct users from other social media accounts you own to Pinterest.
For example, if you already have an existing Facebook or Instagram account, you can advertise your new Pinterest account on those other accounts.
Hopefully many of your followers on the other social media platforms will follow you on Pinterest. If you are already well established on other social media sites, this surge of followers can be extremely helpful.
Write comments
The most important thing is that as many users as possible see your profile on the screen. You can do this by leaving comments under frequently visited pins.
You should try to write good comments matching the content, so that the users who see your comment will associate something good with your profile. This is much more important on Pinterest than on other social media platforms, because Pinterest is about the content.
If you look like a beginner because of fast unclean comments, people will not follow you. But if you leave good factually correct comments, some of the users who have read the comment will follow you.
Striking pictures
On Pinterest, each pin has an image that you click on to see the content behind the image. If your followers see your pin but are not interested in it, they will not read your content.
On social media sites, every single post or contribution is given attention by the users for only a few seconds. So you have to try to get users to pay more attention to your pins so they have a chance to read the content.
That’s why it’s very important to take pictures that are very eye-catching and that will attract the interest of your fans. Here it is again important to know exactly who your fans are. The more you know your fans, the more you know what makes your fans interested.
Since Pinterest is a very special social media platform, there are many tricks and tips that can be applied to Pinterest that could not be used on other social media sites.
Another very good possibility would be to buy followers and likes for your Pinterest account. Here you save a lot of time and effort.