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We know that you put a lot of effort in your songs, so we are here to help you to increase the ranking of your songs. Here you can buy real SoundCloud followers for your account!

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Buying SoundCloud followers instantly from Influmos

Ever listened to Drake, Taylor Swift, or Justin B, and thought to yourself, i wish i were in their shoes!
Well, being a famous music artist isn’t that hard these days. All you have to do is download SoundCloud end play strategically.



First, we have got to know what SoundCloud really is. SoundCloud is a platform where new, and aspiring musicians can upload their music so that the maximum number of people can listen to it and possibly share it with others. With millions of users globally, SoundCloud has enabled a lot of people to express their music freely. Some individuals even become famous musicians of current times. Just like YouTube stars or TikTok Celebrities we also can see SoundCloud musicians too.

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There are some certain tips that can help you promote your music by utilizing SoundCloud

Marketing Plan

Play smart. You must devise a marketing plan to increase SoundCloud followers. You should know your target audience, their demographics, their geographical location, basically everything about your listener. You must be aware of the fact that where does your audience hang out, do they go to a club or do they listen to slow melodious music in a coffee café. Once you know their profile then you will be in a better position to strategically implement your marketing plan.

Utilize Your Social Media Platform:

You can promote your music by promoting it on your personal social media profiles, easy peasy. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok, etc, try to promote your music to your contacts through these platforms. Once your music gets heard by hundreds of people through social media platforms, then it will be easier for you to direct them towards your Sound Cloud channel.

Interact With Others Sound Cloud channel.

Try to keep up your presence in social gatherings just like we do in our friend circle. The more you go out there and meet different people, chances are you might end up signing your next gig or if you get really lucky you might end up having an appointment from a renowned company’s producer. The power of networking cannot be ignored. A lot of musicians just stay within their dorms or basements and work hard to produce quality music. But what good it is if you cannot promote it to the right person or a record company. As Pitbull once said, ‘Music success is 10% Talent and 90% Business

Know The Whereabouts Of Your Target Audience:

You must be aware of the whereabouts of your target audience, in short, be a clever agent. Which mode of social media do they use? Which type of music do they enjoy? Which channel of music they listen to, such as, Sound Cloud, YouTube, MixCloud, 8tracks, Reddit, etc. Once you know your audience’s preferences, you will be in a better place to promote your music customize your Soundcloud playlist accordingly.

Use A Marketing Company

One thing is for sure, and that is to hire the services of market leaders. In this specific scenario, you can hire a marketing company that specializes in the field of SoundCloud marketing. Let the experts take care of the commercial side of your work, and you concentrate on creativity i.e. to produce more music with full concentration. But contrary to that, marketing agencies can be quite expensive so people do not prefer going for it.

The above-mentioned statistics are powerful enough to show the true potential of SoundCloud

Gone are the days when it takes months to create a piece of music, record it, and then market it. Now things have changed drastically. All you need is a great music acumen and access to SoundCloud. You can simply put your heart and soul into producing quality music and then upload it on Sound Cloud.

Why do you need to buy SoundCloud Followers or SoundCloud Views

Imagine that you have created a great piece of music by spending hours on it. You have given it your best shot, and now you are waiting to see how people react. But to your surprise, hardly anyone listened or downloaded your track. My heart aches to imagine that.
The real reason your track didn’t get the right attention is that you don’t have many followers. You have a very limited fan following. The majority of your fans are either your friends from life or social media, your family, and some community members. Let’s say you have around 50 SoundCloud followers. Now if a person visits your profile, checks out the number of followers, and then the likes on the track which are less, that person would have a negative impression. They immediately prejudge your music and instead of listening to it, they simply move on to another channel or artist.

Packages of getting unlimited SoundCloud Followers/views:

This is where we talk business. Our packages are extremely competitive and are designed in such a way that any user, big or small, can afford them. You can have 100 followers on Sound Cloud for as little as 6.95€. which goes up to 20,000 followers. Imagine having 20,000 followers on your Sound Cloud channel, that is insane! Once you become the top search of Google, then the sky is the limit. Your appointment diary for Gigs would be booked back to back!

How We Can Help: “Influmos to the rescue.”

We offer you to buy legitimate and real followers for your channel on Sound Cloud. Let’s say your target listener comes to your profile and finds out that you have 10000 Soundcloud followers. Then clicks on one of your tracks and is amazed to see 1000 likes on it. Psychologically he/she would be inclined to listen to your tracks and maybe even follow you. Remember, ‘people follow people.” So the chances of securing more followers, likes, and sharing of your music suddenly increase.
It only becomes possible because you have invested smartly, and buy followers from us. Imagine signing up a million-dollar record deal just because you took the first step and invested a few euros for a better future.


In present times, people maintain a lavish lifestyle because of music. A lot of people dream of becoming a musician, a singer, a talented artist that is praised globally. But very few could be able to reach the pinnacle of their career.

Are you looking to show your rocking playlist to the world?

This is where SoundCloud comes in. This amazing application has revolutionized the music industry, and it is dope. Now anyone with a decent mic and other instruments can record their music and share it on different online platforms. With a massive reach of Sound Cloud (more than 175, million a month) you can make sure that it gets heard by people.

Reasons for buying 500+ SoundCloud followers:

Imagine constructing an amazing, AWESOME musical piece by putting hours of hard work into it. Once completed, you put it on SoundCloud and wait for people to respond to it. Days go by, but you couldn’t get the response you were anticipating. You try not to get it on your nerves. All this happened because you have either less or no, ‘plays’ on that particular track. Let us assume that a random listener comes to your track and observes there are only a few, ‘plays’ on it. That person will immediately prejudge your music and thinks that since there aren’t a lot of people who have played this track, maybe it is not a good one.”
But do not worry as we have the ultimate solution for what you are looking for! Buying SoundCloud likes enables you to attract customers immediately. The same goes for Facebook Posts too. The more likes a Facebook post has, the more it will attract attention. In the same way on SoundCloud, if you have a few hundred plays on your music track, chances of it being picked up by Google are higher.

Why Customer Choose Us

: Well… we are special, trying hard not to flex but sorry, we are. There are plenty of reasons why our customers have chosen us in the past, present and will continue opting for our services in the future too but some are as follows:

  1.  Authentic
  2. Reliable
  3. Competitive
  4. Quick Delivery
  5. Variety of different plans to choose from!

Our Solution: We offer different packages that are tailored according to your needs and make sure of your affordability as well because we know nobody wants to spend too much money. You can buy 100 Sound Cloud plays for as little as3.95€ and goes all the way up to 15000 plays!
All you need to do is concentrate on producing quality music and let us take care of the likes, followers, and plays.



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