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We are often admonished by our mothers to be the “lazy one” of the house because of doing nothing other than playing video games. Trust me, we are pro at it but still, look worthless in the eyes of our family. For years, kids complain about why on earth they can’t just live their lives with video games and become rich at the same time. Well, gratefully we got to know about twitch.

What is Twitch?

Our generation earnings depend upon social media and WE LOVE IT! However, there has been tremendous competition observed in the market. Now it is highly important to know what Twitch actually is. Twitch is an online site that allows you to watch or broadcast live streaming or even pre-recorded videos, mostly gameplay. Which is of course the best case in this matter. It is a moderately popular platform Often regarded as a competitor of YouTube but who cares as long as you can do what you like.

Why should you have a twitch account?

Obviously, if you want to prove your family or your friends that we gamers or live streamers can be more successful than those nerds, we gotta have a twitch account. Moreover, it is important to get in-depth about our topic.


Twitch account can be very functional when we talk about its features. If you are into publishing or even listening to broadcasts, trust me, this is the app you must join. Having a twitch account gives you the opportunity to interact with broadcasters and the community around the globe via chat.


This is the ultimate site that not only helps adults to earn but can be beneficial for teenagers too. Kids that have master skills in gaming can earn thousands of euros by sharing their gaming skills on Twitch. They quickly tend to master their skills in gaming so if your kid (your younger brother or sister) excels in this area, then his/her talent can be really successful.



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