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Here you can buy real English YouTube comments for your videos. Comments are a very important ranking factor for your YouTube videos, as a YouTuber you know that!

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Why buy Youtube Comments?

Each Youtuber starts with 0 subscribers and it can be very hard to work your way up. Every Youtuber knows the feeling when you think you can’t achieve anything because his videos aren’t seen. But some Youtubers are stuck in a different dilemma.
Some Youtubers produce good videos and get a lot of hits, but nobody comments. This can be just as big a problem as if you got few views. The best way to solve this problem is to buy Youtube comments.
This has many advantages that are not always obvious.
Generate more views and longer watch time
The most important thing for any Youtuber is to get many views, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only important one. Besides the number of viewers it is also important how long these viewers watch your video. This is called “Watch Time” and is important for ranking your videos. And how do you get people to watch your videos longer?
By buying comments. People will look at the comments on your video and ask themselves what the people in the comments refer to. Therefore they will watch your video longer and to respond to comments of others they must have seen your video too.
More comments
As you can imagine, some comments lead to many more comments. If a person writes an interesting comment, the more people will respond to that comment.
This will cause your comments to grow exponentially with each new comment you purchase. So you can get people to write more comments. This can also have a very important side effect for you.
As a Youtuber you always ask yourself if your videos are good enough. As a small Youtuber there is almost no way to find out. Big Youtubers have the privilege to have such a huge community that some people will always give them tips in the comments. But how can you do this as a small Youtuber?
Your purchased comments will help you here as well. As mentioned before, comments lead to more comments. Some of these comments might be very helpful for you. Some of these comments could give you tips on how to improve your videos or others could show you what your viewers want or who exactly your audience is. Also, many Youtubers ask for video ideas in the comments. So you can get great ideas from your Youtube community that you can be sure will be well received.
Improve your ranking
Your ranking is almost the most important on Youtube. Your ranking determines how far up you are displayed for searches on Youtube or whether your video will be trendy. All this is determined by the Youtube algorithm. There are some tricks to using this algorithm. One that works is buying Youtube comments.
By buying comments and subsequent comments from other viewers, the Youtube algorithm will rank your video higher and classify it as popular. The system does this because it thinks that because of the many comments the video must be very good and people like to talk about it. Since Youtube is very interested in each video having the highest possible watch time, it will recommend videos with many comments or set them in the trend.
With this trick you may get several thousand, hundred thousand or even millions of views. There are many big Youtuber who had a big video and built their career on this video.
Be more motivated
It can be frustrating when you try to produce good videos but don’t write comments. You don’t know if the video is good or if the viewers want similar videos or completely different ones. So it can be that you produce videos that the viewers don’t want to see. This can lead to a quick loss of motivation and an early end to your career.
If you buy comments you can solve this problem. Every comment that has something constructive to say about your video will be answered with even more constructive content. So you can find out exactly what your community wants for videos, what they like about your videos or things you might be able to improve.
This will allow you to produce much better videos and we will help you a lot on your way to becoming a famous Youtuber.
Summary of the
Comments are one of the most important factors for the Youtube algorithm, which can bring your video in front of thousands of people in a few hours and makes the search queries available on Youtube. If you know how to use this system you will be successful on Youtube.
You’ll also increase your motivation through the many comments and you’ll even get ideas on how to improve your videos. You get all these benefits when you buy Youtube comments. Best of all, Youtube comments aren’t expensive!

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