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Here you can buy real English YouTube comments for your videos. Comments are a very important ranking factor for your YouTube videos, as a YouTuber you know that!

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Advantage of Buying Youtube comments

“What a fantastic video!!”
“This just made my day, thank you!”
“Awesome content, really enjoyed it!”

Comments like these can easily make anyone’s day. Imagine going to your YouTube channel after receiving a notification that you got a new comment or a series of comments. Then you open the link and there you go, a flood of positive responses! Every champion was once a contender. So starting small isn’t a bad thing, is it? All you need to do is put your heart and soul into developing quality content for your YouTube channel, to attract maximum YouTube subscribers and views.

Every day around 5 billion YouTube videos is being watched globally. People can be found to have up to 1 million Youtube subscribers. The average YouTube session lasts around 40 minutes which is 50% more than what it actually was last year. Amazing, isn’t it?!

YouTube and money:

Do you have any idea how much is 1 billion views worth? Thousands of dollars

You need to decide what kind of earnings are you focusing on? Is your YouTube channel for your existing products and services? Are these promotional videos for the informational purposes of your company? Or you want to make such videos that get so popular that other brands would like to place their adverts in between your YouTube videos and through that way you earn money? But the question is, how many YouTube views do you need to make money?

How to make money on YouTube?

You can earn money through YouTube?

Either you become an advertiser, which means that you pay YouTube to place your company’s ads about your product and services on different videos. In this way, you will be tapping another market segment which can help you increase your sales revenue. Another way is to make such outstanding videos and create such content that becomes popular enough for companies to place their ads in between your videos. This will help increase YouTube views/followers and will make you earn money. It’s one of the most appealing ways to earn a decent sum of money nowadays.

Why are comments important on your YouTube videos?

The question here is, why would someone leave a comment on your YouTube video? What is the reason for them to even come to your clip and watch it right to the end? What is so captivating about your YouTube video that makes them go WOW? Few people can’t see their YouTube comments because they tend to disable the option. There are literally thousands if not hundreds of YouTubers who make compelling videos but nobody bothers to leave a comment. The only thing these YouTubers see are the views and that too isn’t confirmed. It means that someone clicked on your video, stayed there for a few seconds, lost interest, checked the comments section, and moved on. On the other hand, if you have a few comments on your YouTube video, this would instantly trigger the viewer psychologically and they will end up writing a comment on your YouTube video too.

It is also important to know about the term “Watch Time”. This means for how long the viewer stayed on your YouTube video. Did the viewer watch the entire video, half, or merely a few seconds? At times people visit your YouTube channel and select a video to watch. But for any given reason they don’t find it appealing enough to stay any longer, so they leave.

How can we help

We can provide you with comments on your YouTube videos. We understand how important it is to have such feedback on your content. If you are currently starting out and are still in your early stages, we will provide you with comments from as little as 4.95€. We consider ourselves your associates. We aim to turn your YouTube channel into a public figure that will help you achieve your ultimate aim of being a popular person. And not only just in your community, but there is also a high chance of you becoming known globally!

Why Do People Choose Us?

We put a large amount of effort in satisfying our customers’ demands, and we succeed in doing so. Here are several other reasons why people have opted for our services. Some of the most common and significant reasons are:
• Authentic
• Safe and Secure
• Customized Packages
• Instant delivery
• 24 hour support

We take pride in adding value to our customers’ lives. Most of our customers are loyal to us which means they keep utilizing our services regularly.

So, if you would like people to find your YouTube videos and leave comments on them then you can simply choose any package that you think suits your needs, click on the “BUY NOW” button and last, but not least… Start your journey of becoming the next YouTube celebrity!



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