This is how you get started as a musician at SoundCloud
Nowadays music is everywhere whether you walk through the streets of almost every German city or you are in a supermarket or anywhere else. Music is a constant factor in the lives of almost everyone.
So it’s no wonder that musicians are the most deserving people in the world. The most famous musicians in the world earn salaries within a day, which some people receive in a year.
One can imagine that many people dream of becoming musicians. But where to start with the huge competition nowadays? Where can labels discover and take off?
The answer is the SoundCloud platform. SoundCloud is a website that allows you to upload your music and visitors to SoundCloud can listen to it. Many millions of people visit SoundCloud and quite a few SoundCLoud musicians have become stars. But how do you get known on SoundCloud to be discovered?
get listeners from other platforms
If you want to get started as a musician, you should first register with almost every social media platform and try to build up a large base of fans there.
You can use this hopefully already existing fan base to get more listeners on SoundCloud. You can easily link your new songs on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else and get your fans to listen to you on SoundCloud.
Such a boost through social media platforms can turn you from an unknown singer to a SoundCloud star. You should never underestimate the power that social media can have, especially if you want to market yourself.
In addition, there are many forums or other websites on the Internet where you can link and market your songs. A good example is the website Reddit. On Reddit there are many millions of people on the move and there are special so-called “subreddits” that are there for new musicians to share their music. If your post with the link to your SoundCloud profile becomes popular, Reddit alone can give you a big boost to your audience.
relevant tags
On SoundCloud you can tag your music. This means that you can categorize your music to make it easier for other users to find your music.
You need to make sure that you select the right tags and as many as possible so that you can reach as many potential listeners as possible.
It’s also important to stay consistent with your tags. You should not jump around with every song in genres, but concentrate on building a fan base on one or at most two genres. Otherwise, some of your fans may want something completely different from what you’re currently offering them.
good album covers
The most important thing is the album cover, besides the music of course. Your song can be as good as it is, if you don’t have a nice cover for your song, nobody will listen to it.
Covers should immediately attract the attention of SoundCloud users so that they can listen to your songs. You don’t have long to attract potential listeners because most users only watch a few seconds of each album cover. If you don’t immediately arouse their interest you can wrap it up, because then they have already scrolled on.
You should consider having a professional cover created for you. It will certainly pay off if you realize how many listeners can get your song with a good cover.
Cooperation with other musicians
Of course SoundCloud has a lot of musicians who all try to get big like you and become stars. But you don’t have to see everyone as a competitor. Many of the other musicians can even help you reach your goal. How do you ask yourself?
Quite simple. Cooperate with other musicians on SoundCloud. By cooperation on SoundCloud we mean that you can record a song together with another musician, which you both upload to your SoundCloud profile.
If the fans of your cooperation partner like your parts of the song, they will come to your SoundCloud profile and listen to your other songs. The same happens to your fans, who discover your partner. So this is a win-win situation that is beneficial for both of you.
Of course you can’t immediately expect very big SoundCloud musicians to want to make music with you if you don’t have many fans yet. You should look for partners who are about as popular as you are so that both can benefit equally.
paid marketing
If you want to get an advantage over the other musicians quickly you should consider investing some money in your SoundCloud career. Just a few euros can have a big impact.
But what is the best way to invest your money if you want to get as much value on SoundCloud as possible?
The most cost effective way is to buy SoundCloud followers and likes. These followers and likes will help you to make your SoundCloud dream come true.
SoundCloud offers a great opportunity for talented musicians who want to quickly get used to the industry. But you have to reach a certain size on SoundCloud before you can be discovered.
After all the free steps have been taken, you should seriously consider investing money. The best way is to buy Likes or Follower for SoundCloud.