How do I get more Twitter followers?
Twitter is one of the most important social media and very many famous people use it to communicate with their fans. Even the President of the USA uses Twitter very often, as everyone notices. But how do you get such a status on Twitter?
There are some tips and tricks on how to become successful and known on Twitter. These tricks are used by many Twitter celebrities. If you read this text you will get to know the same tricks that the stars used to become famous.
Trick 1: Follow the Stars
The most important thing is to follow the big Twitter accounts. You should think about what kind of online persona you want to be. Do you want to have a Mode Twitter account? Then you have to follow the popular Mode Twitter accounts. This also applies to any other niche you can think of.
The reason for this is that you can learn from the best. Watch the activity of the stars on Twitter and try to figure out which scheme they use. Some post funny comments on other tweets and get attention or others write critical tweets to celebrities and earn the respect of the Twitter community.
Many of these stars started out just like you and some still use the tricks they used to get their first follower.
Trick 2: Comment Tweets
Trick 2 is one of the most important. After you have followed the big stars in your niche, you should get into the habit of checking Twitter as often as possible to see if they have posted anything new.
If so, you have to be fast. Think of a funny, critical or simply appealing comment that you think other people will liken. This has to happen in the first minutes of the tweet, because big stars can have hundreds of comments after a few minutes and your comment will be lost in the crowd.
If you manage to quickly write a good comment that people will like, you will be the most licked comment and for everyone else who reads the tweet will be displayed at the top. So you’ll get even more likes and possibly even more than the actual tweet itself.
The people who see the tweet will click on your profile because they are asking themselves what kind of person could write such a good comment. If you are lucky they will follow you to read more of your good comments.
Trick 3: Have good ideas
If you want to stand out in the crowd of Twitter users you have to have good ideas and only write good comments will not get anyone to follow you. You also have to post good tweets at the same time.
If you post good tweets often this will get around and people will follow you. You must have fresh ideas that go down well in your niche. You need to know who has already followed your Twitter account or who has visited it.
Trick 4 : Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics is a feature of Twitter that allows you to learn almost anything about your followers or profile visitors. So you can see how old they are on average, how much they earn on average or what their interests are.
If you adapt your tweets and comments to your followers you will notice that you get more likes and therefore more Twitter users become aware of you.
Twitter Analytics can also be very important if you want to make advertising deals with companies later. So you can show interested companies exactly who is reading your tweets. So you can demand more money from the companies who want to use you as an advertising platform.
Trick 5: Post daily
It is best to tweet as often as possible. However, as all humans are only humans, it should stay with a few tweets a day. The more often you tweet the more often Twitter will suggest you and help you to get more followers. There is nobody better who can make your Twitter account grow than Twitter itself.
Twitter will do this because your followers often visit your profile to see your new tweets. For social media sites it is extremely important that users stay on the site as long as possible. If your Twitter profile achieves this, Twitter will love to recommend you.
Trick 6: Spending money
There are some tricks that require money to work but they are usually the most effective. You could buy advertising directly on Twitter for example. But this can be very expensive.
Another possibility is to buy retweets from big Twitter personalities. But even this can be very expensive and the success is not sure.
The variant that is most cost effective is definitely to buy Twitter follower and Likes. Many sites offer such a service, but you should always be sure that you end up on a reputable site.
With these purchased followers andikes it will be all the easier to grow up on Twitter. Due to the lead in likes and followers, other Twitter users will follow you much sooner, as they already see how many followers you have. This can be an extreme advantage if you want to become famous on Twitter.
There are many tricks to becoming famous on Twitter. But they require a lot of work and talent. But one method can be exploited by anyone. Buying Likes, Followers or Retweets will be worthwhile for almost everyone. The advantage you get from this can lead you to Twitter fame in a period you never thought possible.