So you will be a successful Youtuber
The stars of today’s generation are no longer the Hollywood stars of that time. Today’s stars are born on the Internet. Most starts have started their way to fame and fortune on Youtube.
So what is the secret of these stars?
The Concept
The very first thing you should consider when starting a Youtube channel is the concept behind your videos. What kind of videos do you want to produce? Do you want to become a fashion Youtuber, comedy Youtuber or something completely different?
This is the question you should ask yourself first. Because this is the most important thing for your channel. With the concept you determine who you want to address with your videos and who watches your videos. Your viewers are the most important to be successful on Youtube, because the more viewers you have the more likely Youtube is to recommend your video to other viewers.
Also, you should at least have some idea about your channel concept. For example, you shouldn’t open a do-it-yourself channel if you’ve never had a screwdriver in your hand before.
The Videos
Many Youtubers fall into one of two extremes. Either a Youtuber posts 3 videos a day, which are of lower quality, or a Youtuber posts a video a month, which is very elaborately produced. Your videos should be posted as often as possible without compromising quality.
These approaches are about convincing viewers with quality and getting Youtube to recommend your channel more often. Through high quality videos you can reach very high viewers but Youtube finds it better if you post videos often. Therefore Youtube often suggests videos from Youtubern, which often post on the day, but these videos are often qualitatively inferior.
You should also try to make your videos longer than 10 minutes. Because Youtube thinks it’s better if people have a higher watch time. So the longer people watch your videos the more likely Youtube will recommend you.
High quality videos
If you want to be a Youtuber who wants to produce high quality videos you should choose a suitable concept. Not every kind of video is suitable for elaborate production. For example, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you’ll have fewer benefits if your videos are elaborately edited. On the other hand, a Youtuber who produces short films could support his entire career with elaborate editing.
In order for your videos to be of high quality, you should always write yourself a script, so that you can think up the perfect sentences and words in your head, which perfectly convey your thoughts to your viewers.
In addition, it is absolutely necessary to have an editing program to eliminate small errors or add elaborate effects. A video that has been refreshed with editing programs will always have a better effect on your viewers than a video that has just been uploaded.
Because of these many requirements, many Youtubers rarely post. If you think you want to be such a Youtuber, you should know what you’re getting yourself into.
Many videos
The other way to get big on Youtube is to post many videos a day for Youtube to recommend you to others. Channels that show video games are very suitable for this type of channel, as it is easy to collect a lot of video material and upload it quickly with minimal editing.
However, this doesn’t mean that the quality of your videos doesn’t matter, but that your videos don’t need to be edited in a very elaborate way. Nevertheless, your viewers have to like your videos, because without them a Youtuber can’t grow big.
By posting so much Youtube will suggest you to people because they like it when Youtuber uploads a lot of material. A lot of material makes people watch more ads and that’s what Youtube wants.
Your personality
There used to be some big Youtuber on Youtube who didn’t appear in their videos and didn’t speak on it. But this kind of Youtuber is dying out, so it is absolutely necessary that you have an appealing, sympathetic and interesting personality.
If you are to appear in your videos yourself, you must have good charisma, which will get your viewers to watch more of your videos. You need to have good humor if it fits your channel concept or you need to be empathetic if it is necessary for your channel.
Youtubers who have a bad personality or fake another personality will often be exposed and the whole career of the Youtuber will be over. To avoid this you should always be yourself in your videos.
You have to be ambitious, because without help it’s very hard to be known on Youtube these days. There are so many channels that there are almost no concepts left that have not already been implemented. You have to fight your way up through hard work and you can’t give up.
As a Youtuber, you must perform many balancing acts. Your videos have to be of high quality and you have to post them as often as possible. You also have to be yourself, but always charismatic and sympathetic.
If you take these tips to heart you can try to get started on Youtube. But it will be hard work, but if you make it, it feels even better.