Want to be famous on Youtube?

Do you want to be a "YouTube celebrity”? Do you have any idea how much money100k views on YouTube will get you? First of all, you need to make a YouTube profile, buy YouTube subscribers, and then get your ball rolling. It can be a little struggle for your first video to go viral. A Youtuber should always be prepared to experiment with his content. As it has been said; “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Preparation is the key, so do not worry as we’ve got your back.

How to get subscribers on Youtube?

Focus! Content is the king. If you want a lot of YouTube views in under 24 hours, all you need to do is be absolutely certain about presenting your facts and figures. If consideration is not given then you will end up becoming a laughing stock. This can work in your favor if you are intending to portray humor which will get you around 1000+ free YouTube subscribers quickly. In retrospect, at times it works well even if you are discussing something serious with incorrect facts and figures. As mentioned earlier, it does affect your credibility and helps to get maximum YouTube subscribers, but don’t forget that this might trigger the element of sharing even if it is for the sake of pointing out flaws in your video. However, we don’t recommend taking this route.


It has also been observed that some budding YouTubers release two to three videos in a day. These videos are of sub-par, mediocre quality (as expected). Whereas, on the other hand, some YouTubers believe in quality rather than quantity. The latter ones release a single video, let's assume once in a month. But this video is of premium quality with topnotch content. Even though some researches do indicate that the population, in general, is craving new content regularly. But then again, we can go back to the basics. If the supply of a certain commodity exceeds its demand, then the commodity becomes cheap.

Getting Active

Before YouTube came into the scene, things were very different and it was rather difficult for one to become famous quickly. To become popular now and to be known as someone who has the most subscribers on YouTube is getting easy. You can buy YouTube subscribers, Buy YouTube comments, YouTube likes, or even YouTube views to stay in the game of fame.

Your first video doesn’t need to be that long. You can start by uploading small clips of different topics based on your interests and expertise and soon you might have the most views on YouTube. But we here at Influmos make it easier for you by offering competitive packages based on your affordability.

You need to first decide your personal interest. It should be a specific genre, it can’t be everything for everyone. Trying to focus on multiple genres can render it impossible for you to progress. For instance, if you like comedy then you should concentrate on developing humorous yet quality content. Another thing that you need to do is to keep your target audience in mind while developing the content for them. The target audience is based on those people who would be more than happy to watch your videos and possibly even share it among their family and friends.

As for another way through which you can become a YouTube Celebrity, it can be done by gaining popularity through the content of your videos. Hundreds and thousands of videos get uploaded daily on YouTube, so, how can you be completely sure that your video will ‘go viral’? To make things happen, one must be willing to put their heart and soul in conducting and analyzing the research on the content. The better the research, then the better the end product.